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Cyber Exposure Assessment

Cyber Exposure Assessment helps you to understand your current cyber exposure and unidentified liabilities.

It is a powerful tool for cyber insurance and assurance, internal audits, due diligence, risk management and improving your overall security posture.

The Cyber Exposure Assessment is based on data collected from publicly available sources in the dark web, deep web and data breaches. Silverskin utilizes the technology and data collected by its Singaporean partner Cyber Intelligence House.

Annual assessment, combined with continuous monitoring, provides the best situational awareness and understanding of what’s out there. We provide monthly monitoring with summary emails to help you to mitigate risks when they emerge.

The Eight Sectors of Cyber Exposure
  • Sensitive disclosure
  • External breaches
  • Black markets
  • Financial information
  • Exposed credentials
  • Personal information
  • Hacker group targeting
  • Internal breaches
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