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Attack Factory

Offence Informs Defence

We are a legion of hackers. Our job is to attack your organization like criminal hackers will do.

We think like criminals, but we have a good cause and a license to operate.

Under attack factory we evaluate the effectiveness of your organization’s security measures related to systems, people and facilities.

In addition to live evaluation of security measures we audit your organization and systems against all common security requirements and standards including OWASP Top 10, PCI DSS, HIPAA & VAHTI.

Attack Factory Top 10 Services
  • Industrial Cyber Espionage
  • Information Warfare Simulation
  • Phishing Campaigns
  • Social Engineering Attacks
  • Web Application Security Testing
  • Mobile Application Security Testing
  • Cloud & IoT Security Testing
  • Advanced exploit development
  • Product Security Review
  • Reverse Engineering
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